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 The color that is legal to use in any state is white and amber

Headlight Halo Kit Includes :
(2) Low Beam Halo Rings
(2) High Beam Halo Rings
(1) External LED Drivers
(1) Complete Wiring and Installation Guide

Everything you need to add halos to your existing headlights!

One order includes full halo kit either (2) or (4) piece halo rings for low and high beam headlights. The halo kit is not a complete headlight assembly. The website pricing is just for the actual LED parts intended to be installed inside the headlight housing. The kit will come with instructions to install plug and play! If you have any question please message us.

What is an LED Halo?

An LED Halo is a custom-made circuit board with LEDs consecutively soldered to it. They are made of a material that cannot be bent or flexed so that when the LEDs are illuminated, they glow in a way that produces a specific shape. LED Halos come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are without a doubt one of the most eye-catching modifications you can make to your vehicle. LED Halo rings can be seen clearly even in direct sunlight.

What is a Halo kit?

A halo kit is a combination of halo sizes made for specific vehicle headlights or fog lights. A halo kit can consist of any number of halos needed to fit your vehicle's specific needs. Normally, halo kits come in either a (2) or (4) piece kit. A halo kit is not a complete headlight assembly. The website pricing is just for the actual LED parts intended to be installed inside the headlight housing.

What makes LED Halo Kits better than similar competitor products?

The biggest downfall of most halo designs is that the back of each halo ring is littered with tiny resistors. Over time, or due to improper installation, if one of these resistors decides to fail then it's going to take 3 LEDs out with it. A halo ring gets its look from the full look of all the LEDs being illuminated. Who wants LEDs out in their headlights? Not only do unlit LEDs throw off the whole look of the vehicle, but its also a major hassle to fix. In order to fix this problem, one must reopen the lights and swap out the parts. What a hassle right? Sometimes this may even require you to remove your bumper or other car parts in order to fix.. Who wants to do all that? Not you. Well, here we do things a little differently. LED Halo kits feature external resistors. We like to call them drivers. These small driver boxes conveniently connect to the halo wires outside of the headlight with a simple male and female plug operation. Using this driver technology means that if any product failure were to occur, the issue could simply be fixed by changing out an external part under the hood. No bumper removal and no headlight reopen needed.

How many colors can a Halo kit produce?

Using our Wireless app with our halo kits allows you to literally produce any color under the sun. Really, there are no color limitations. Our wireless app will allow you to custom create colors and even lets you save them so you can display those colors later on.

Will my halos always changing colors?

Nope. Using one of our kits you have complete control over every aspect of the halos. Our kit allows you to control the halos color, speed, brightness, strobe/fade modes, on/off, and much more! You get to take control!

How hard is it to install a halo kit?

Installing a halo kit requires opening the headlights. There are many different ways to open different headlights, but the most popular way is to bake them in an oven or use a heat gun most newer models have clips around the headlights lens which are very simple to open. Some headlights cannot be baked open and instead, you can use a heat gun to open them, the halos can be installed using many different methods. Some methods may include the use of adhesives such as epoxy, or silicone. Another way is by using beading wire to secure the halos to the headlights housing. Once the halo kit is installed, the lights can be resealed with all holes being secured.


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